Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 21.1.0

New feature:

  • Move clip by 1 frame with Alt + right or left arrow

Removed feature:

  1. Color Matching (will be set back when fully working)

Main bug fixes (complete list is much longer):

  • Many fixes in Time remapping
  • Cannot re-order applied effects
  • Many fixes in 3D Titler
  • Import won't populate a bin, if that bin has just been created
  • Effects scrubber doesn't line up with TL scrubber
  • Can't remove or rename project bin
  • Added hourglass if 3D Titler window is minimized
  • Better management of file name and location at export
  • Legacy authoring creates a subfolder for each export name
  • Missing Looks in Legacy Titler
  • White balance
  • Crash when open Importer, with mini-DV camera connected

Скачать Update Pinnacle Studio 21.1.0 с Яндекс.Диск (138 Mb)