video2brain: SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 Workshop

Language: English


SmartSound Pro Music Scoring Software
  • How Is SmartSound Different?
  • Browsing the SmartSound Website for Custom Music Libraries
  • Using Quicktracks to Custom-Build Your Track
  • Purchasing Tracks vs. Subscription Plans
  • Licensing Your Music Tracks

Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition
  • Downloading and Installing the Software
  • Using the Express Track
  • Creating Custom-Length Tracks
  • Mood Mapping
  • Adding a Track to a Video
  • Exporting Your Edited Soundtrack
  • Project Example: Mood Mapping and Timing Control
  • Spotting
  • Hit Files
  • Using SmartSound Tracks with Vocals
  • Building Songs and Soundtracks with Blocks from the Bin

Round-Trip Editing Workflows with Nonlinear Editing Software
  • Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6 SmartSound Plug-Ins
  • Premiere Pro CS6 Round-Trip Workflow
  • Final Cut Pro X Round-Trip Workflow
  • iMovie HD Round-Trip Workflow

Tips, Tricks, and Custom Workflows
  • Creating Loopable Music Tracks
  • Creating Soundtracks for Timing Edits and Graphics
  • Mixing Tracks with Live Instrumentation
  • Mixing Tracks with Live Vocals

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