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Тема: Обновления Pinnacle Studio 24

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    Обновления Pinnacle Studio 24

    Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 24.0.1

    Обновление до стабильной версии

    Скачать Update Pinnacle Studio 24.0.1 с Яндекс.Диск (439 Mb)

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    Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 24.0.2

    Add Legacy Menu buttons to title shape options
    Title: add a button "Color Settings" next to Text Settings, which auto-scrolls to display "Fill"
    Some Split Screen templates have broken thumbnails in Library
    Title: preview in Text Settings, not updated after changing Motion
    Smart Brush has rougher edge in 154
    Mask, Face: move the tracking buttons above preview
    Wrench, should be Gear in CP text
    Mask: Apply function, source preview becomes corrupted
    Mask, function: please add Feather to functions that don't have it
    Title: X-Y scale, for letter and other modes
    Title: Rotation, relative to frame
    Title: Ruler end should be displaying final frame
    Slow to display new entered Project Bins, if PS is still installing content
    VFR portrait clip gives gray circles, good preview during BGr, squashed preview after BGr is done
    New Corrections editor is missing the rotate buttons of legacy corrections
    Mask: use Brush options for Face brush
    Title: End keyframe, rotation will be about 1.5* off
    3-4 Point Edit Mode - Drag a clip from local path to timeline, can't add to TL,but import to Library
    Mask - Created mask and add 'Noise Reduction' the preview window will freeze
    Change text "Save group as project" to "Create nested project"
    Mask: add motion track to Circle, Rectangle mask tools
    Mask: function Black & White, Feather slider doesn't work unless "Detect Edge" button checked
    Legacy Presets, change to "Legacy Motions and Layer List"
    File->New->Disc, do not show this while Legacy Authoring is disabled
    PS crash when apply NB v4 or v5 effect to 4K clip
    Can't drag from Library when click on filename part of thumbnail
    Mark-In may appear after recovering from a crash
    Mask, Face button needs updated FR string
    4K clip sets timeline to 360
    Title: in preview, title is changing position with each pause-resume; spacebar becomes unresponsive.
    Unified Content: display a different icon for version-independent entries
    Motion Tracking in Split Screen, not working well
    Mask: feather flickers in exported project
    Crash when right-click library clip, "Open in Corrections"
    Title: Save title, or load title, the title on timeline still reads Blank Title
    Title: Face applies to wrong layer
    Title: PS won't open after closed
    Title: Blur won't reset to 0
    Title: moved keyframe becomes lost

    Title: legacy "Page from Left" motion isn't shown
    Title: Can't add elements from Overlays
    Title: Save project, or open project, switches modes from Motion to Text
    Library clip tooltip needs update
    Frequent crashes applying Image Correction CPU effect
    Title: outline box isn't reset after removing offset Face
    Mask: brush, smart edge may draw an artifact
    Mask: Tracking / Modify / Replace controls should be at top right of preview, right corner,
    Title: Black preview reported by Michel, and also Studio Backlot
    Low memory error after exporting HEVC 4K, then let PC sit on export screen for one day
    Title: support drag and drop of "add assets from Library"
    Level slider doesn't work
    Adjusting to Acceleration = None still shows GPU activity spike during rendering
    Two translation corrections, for Swedish
    Export: File name field - 3 clicks should select all text
    Legacy Disc: remove "AVCHD2"
    Mask: rectangle-circle-pen are missing MT controls top right
    Mask: Face, motion tools top right are missing tooltips
    Title: Pivot: "Follow" binding
    Title: keyboard shortcut overwrites text
    Translation corrections for 24.0.2
    Title: One line in layer is rotating, others are not
    Title: Remove Rotation "relative to Layer / Frame" option
    French translation correction
    Tooltips for Pivot-Track object
    Title: intermittently, cannot move a shape layer
    Timeline rendering is slower in 24 vs 23, and preview is frozen
    Some titles created in 22-23 can't be edited, and crash PS24
    Unchecking stereoscopic, does not restore text depth
    Mask, Smart brush causes very high memory usage
    Mask, Smart brush has pixelated edges
    Exporting some videos with color grading, hangs during export

    Пользователи сборки Pinnacle Studio 24 & Content Plus v.10.0 должны дождаться обновления сборки

    Скачать Update Pinnacle Studio 24.0.2 с Яндекс.Диск (484 Mb)

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    Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 24.1.0

    ▫ Source corrections: the Color tab remains displayed even if you click on the Audio corrections
    ▫ Quick rotation from Source corrections
    ▫ Time freeze is corrupted when saving a project
    ▫ Multichannel audio AAC support for MP4, MOV and MTS
    ▫ If maximum zoom level is applied in the keyframe window, a keyframe copy / paste resets the zoom level to 0
    ▫ Audio waveform is flat at end of clips
    ▫ No audio on a 32-bit .wav
    ▫ Dual monitor, audio palette and tooltips are displayed on the wrong monitor
    ▫ File, Open loses the path used previously
    ▫ RegDelete for PS24
    ▫ Update tooltips for the Title editor
    ▫ Title editor: clicking between 2 keyframes should move the playhead
    ▫ Title editor: the pivot point must remain connected to the center of the object
    ▫ Title editor: periods and commas cannot be entered if written from the preview window
    ▫ Title editor: creation of a scrolling title, if font modification => display of a title from another project in the preview window
    ▫ Title editor: show / hide layers
    ▫ Title editor: copy / paste a desynchronized display title between text window and preview
    ▫ Title editor: addition of a Create new title button under Save and Load
    ▫ Create a shortcut again possible in the Corrections of the source
    ▫ Mask: some pixels cannot be selected at the bottom of the window
    ▫ Mask: display of a different image between the preview window and the export
    ▫ Mask: addition of an Ignore button
    ▫ Mask: motion tracking absent on rectangle and circle shapes
    ▫ Pressing Cancel multiple times may crash the app or result in a mask that is shorter than the clip it is applied to
    ▫ Pressing space bar incorrectly opens dual window display
    ▫ Export: when switching presets to Custom, the resolution applied is that of the timeline
    ▫ Effect disabled, returns active if clip is moved
    ▫ PS24 can recover NewBlue effects from versions prior to PS23
    ▫ Cannot change border color in effects editor
    ▫ Keyframes button grayed out in Time Remapping if the playbar is moved
    ▫ Fixes: unable to revert to original on multiple clips at the same time
    ▫ Copy / paste clips, keyframe duplication pb
    ▫ Some keyboard shortcuts do not work if the timeline is detached
    ▫ PS always opens MultiCam Capture Lite if it is present on the PC, even if the full version is present
    ▫ Stopmotion capture in low resolution (640x360)
    ▫ Studio crash on nested projects when clicking on Editor + Audio
    ▫ Pb display of XDCAM 4:2:2 files with color correction tool
    ▫ Title saved in PS23 with hidden layer, can no longer be viewed in PS24
    ▫ Display is shifted in some cases with the color correction tool
    ▫ Pb import of .tiff files
    ▫ Multi-shape cutting => always black background
    ▫ Unstable behavior of the rotating tools
    ▫ Sound quality bp in Dazzle captures
    ▫ Dazzle device invisible in PS24.0.2
    ▫ Regression color correction performance compared to PS23
    ▫ Colorimetric correction applied to a photo => preview becomes black
    ▫ Tooltips on layers
    ▫ Proposal to save corrections useless when no correction applied
    ▫ No auto-detection of PAL format with Dazzle
    ▫ Gradual reduction in sound level with Dazzle
    ▫ Audio click noise at the start of each Dazzle capture
    ▫ MultiCams Capture Lite crashes on launch

    Пользователи сборки Pinnacle Studio 24 & Content Plus v.10.0 должны дождаться обновления сборки

    Скачать Update Pinnacle Studio 24.1.0 с Яндекс.Диск (534 Mb)

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