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Тема: Новое в Pinnacle Studio 26

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    Новое в Pinnacle Studio 26

    Явно видимых новинок в Pinnacle Studio 26 немного, в основном Corel исправлял внутренние ошибки программы и оптимизировал уже существующие функции.

    Одно из самых важных нововведений, это замена кодека фонового просчёта. Старый кодек MREG2 был заменён на ProRes, что значительно ускорило качество и скорость фонового просчёта.

    Разрешение фонового просчёта (прокси файлов) теперь можно менять в окне предварительного просмотра. По умолчанию выбрано уменьшение разрешения в 2 раза (баланс между скоростью и качеством)

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    В Pinnacle Studio 26 добавлена (точнее возвращена, такая функция была в Pinnacle Studio 15) возможность автосахранения проекта. По умолчанию автоматическое сохранение отключено

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    В библиотеке Pinnacle Studio теперь можно установить иконкой любой кадр из вашего видео. Перед установкой кадр должен быть выбран на линии времени окна предварительного просмотра

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    Из последних функций, которые можно визуально увидеть - это метки разрывов (пустот) в проекте

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    Pinnacle Studio 26 & Content Plus v.12.0

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    Список исправленных ошибок в Pinnacle Studio 26 относительно Pinnacle Studio 25.1

    • After a crash, click "Continue Editing" will not load project on TL
    • Advise user about gaps or clip fragments
    • Legacy Menu Editing: background audio 'fade' option has no effect
    • UI: Tab coloring in Title motion modes, keyframe frames to match
    • Audio Ducking has stopped working (Beta 0571)
    • Same as Timeline may be incorrectly detected, until uncheck and recheck box
    • PS hangs or crashes while Exporting - HEVC, 20 tracks, 2 minutes
    • Video capture from Zoom Q2n-4K device drifts out of sync
    • After upgrade SKU, taskbar pin is not updated
    • Properties-Corrections-Effects details and options in TL context menu, should be the same
    • Performance: moving title in short project is not smooth, lags behind cursor
    • Export location not remembered (Beta 0779)
    • Proxy: add preview quality setting as dropdown to the right of preview transport controls, and set ? as default value
    • Mask: import a nest as asset, edit nest, must re-import to see changes
    • Mask will appear incorrect, because preview of video lags
    • P&Z shows photos in wrong size, zoom adjustment impossible (Bug 0875)
    • GPU transitions don't work, or partially (Beta 0787)
    • Mask: smart edge, use feather, flickers or frozen preview / PS hang during playback
    • Crash to desktop if USB device will be plugged-in or plugged-out (Beta 0796)
    • Timeline switching - dead space
    • 8K portrait clip from Samsung S21 will be squashed in "Same as Timeline" export
    • Title: blur and jump during transition
    • Pan and Zoom view trimmed more of asset than expected
    • Missing coloured bar for effects after copying clip (Beta 0806)
    • High CPU after sending clip to timeline (Beta 0807)
    • NewBlue transitions preview incorrectly on portrait clips or photos
    • Close Corrections, should return to Library (Beta 0811)
    • Stabilize stopped working in PS25, okay in 24
    • Motion Tracking: delete MT mask from PS, open MT again, mask is present; new PS tracks are added each time
    • PS shows incorrect resolution and aspect ratio of imported video clip
    • Some still pictures are imported with wrong orientation (Beta 0832)
    • Coloured bar missing after delete clip, then undo delete (Beta 0839)
    • Wrong P&Z view for large picture (Beta 0840)
    • Incorrect aspect ratio can't be corrected without losing quality
    • Time Remapping: Reverse results in distorted preview on AMD Ryzen PC (Beta 0844)
    • No Preview on 2nd monitor
    • StereoSpread Plug-In->Open button does nothing (Beta 0859)
    • Premium pack 1 title (soccer) appears different in 4K vs HD 1080p
    • Flicker on interlaced exports containing titles, Montage or PiP (Beta 0877)
    • Error on import- The device has been disconnected.
    • Audio track grouping cannot be saved (Beta 0879)
    • PS hung, audio continues playing (Beta 0882)
    • Title editor cannot adjust colour gradient look + crash (Beta 0888)
    • Export fails if transition is applied.
    • Snapshot (Source Corrections) captures wrong size image (Beta 0896)
    • Pan&Zoom does not work correct for export of interlaced source video clips (Beta 0901)
    • Create nested project' doesn't save project in changed 'Studio Movie Projects' location
    • Timeline tracks scrolling with mouse wheel changes to scrub, related to zoom-to-frame view
    • Can't change a library thumbnail, so Shortcuts become less useful
    • Open CP, no changes, background rendering will restart
    • Selective Color: add a second color, first removed color is restored
    • MyDVD crashes after click Menu Editor
    • Cannot cut a timeline clip, if over a Smartsound track
    • Mask help link in French/Dutch, goes to 404
    • Storyboard: colored lines above clips are incorrect, or missing
    • Regression: between Mark-In/Out, Loop Play has no audio (Beta 0916)
    • Review Audio Ducking problems for PS26
    • Uninstalled PS25 instead of PS26
    • Error 7777 from installer
    • PS crash when right-click, Effect->Copy All
    • Effects "Custom" preset is missing, until move clip to another track
    • Preview becomes set to 3D, and can't set it back to 2D
    • No save prompt, when closing PS - intermittent
    • Title has incorrect values for new created layers, until moved (Beta 0917)
    • Play-Pause photo, flickers each time, and (reported) may be inverted at flicker
    • Change portrait asset properties, black preview
    • Preview Montage, black preview
    • Add effect to title, it fails to preview
    • Preview freeze, with title
    • Pause sample project, preview may be corrupted, or black
    • Some projects will freeze during export
    • Keyframe context menu won't display, until Editor playhead is moved
    • Select all keyframes to delete, but only some are deleted
    • After Crop, preview may freeze
    • After Crop, previous properties / corrections changes are lost
    • Mask-Asset Preview cannot be updated
    • Preview may not display keyframed changes, until Editor playhead is moved
    • Can't play project in TL after applying Color Grading, keyframe Temperature
    • Undo works incorrectly after adding Keyframes
    • Montage has black preview, and exports as black (Beta 0924)
    • PS crash if saved keyframe project is opened again (Beta 0925)
    • Add Keyframes for Mask-Function-Matte properties, TL playback / scrub won't show change
    • MultiCam Capture full is removed with PS26 uninstall
    • Regression: change title font or size text box, all lines are changed, but may work in preview window
    • PS26 uninstallation removes parts of PS25 (Beta 0929)
    • Disc export shows file types, not discs (Beta 0931)
    • Save project, get XML parsing error
    • Hang when add a photo to Split Screen drop zone
    • Trial: Trim and Cut, instruction missing
    • Trial: crash when add effects, won't launch after
    • Trial: Add effects, PS crashes and no longer be launched normally
    • Trial: after using Help, Trial is unresponsive
    • Trial: incorrect days remaining, click Purchase, nothing happens
    • If last keyframe is volume=zero, then no audio for whole clip (Beta 0934)
    • Trial: new project format is different than default set in CP
    • Pan and Zoom: keyframes cannot be added, and values are incorrect
    • Image Texture is replaced but the thumbnail isn't changed in Title Editing panel
    • Zoom level of the timeline not adjustable (Beta 0936)
    • Preview keeps flashing every 4-5 secs in 3D title editing page
    • Mask in project won't preview as Nest, but previews OK in sub-editor
    • Reported: 15m install time - hourglass while editing - hang/crash when import file from 25.1
    • Keyframes in Color Grading result in incorrect preview
    • Preview is incorrect after selecting a portrait photo (Beta 0938)
    • Error when create DVD with PCM 5.1, ok with PCM 2-ch
    • Transitions resize unevenly, jump to size, or won't create (Beta 0939)
    • Library thumbnails may be red, after CP reset + re-launch
    • Frames dropped in preview, also in Export
    • Installation Background image shows the red line at the 4 corners
    • Error messages when installing Bonus content
    • Stub: "Remove Pinnacle Studio..." should be 'Removing'
    • Trial: Guide Me
    • Trial: bad preview with some clip formats
    • Motion tracking: fewer frames detected than PS25, and playback frozen
    • Cannot select multiple keyframes when there are many present
    • Crash after delete a clip with corrections, undo, then edit its corrections
    • Pan and Zoom: crash when delete multiple keyframes
    • Crash after apply a few effects, then delete
    • Pan and Zoom: crash when move multi-selected keyframes
    • Title keyframes stop working after switching to another title
    • Playhead paused, but timeline proceeds, after adjusting Color->Tone Curve
    • Mask face workflow takes twice as long in PS26
    • MyDVD launched from PS doesn't match installed version
    • Crash during C-P effect, Undo, then C-P different effect
    • Montage themes broken, assets do not display correctly
    • Duplicated tooltips in Titler Looks navigator: usage is obvious, tooltips not needed
    • Some recent crash reports - reproduced once
    • Flicker while previewing keyframed Pan and Zoom
    • Exported video shows the Title editing box and boundary
    • Playheads frozen, then jump, in TL + KF area and preview
    • Crash when delete multi-selected keyframes if selection includes first KF
    • Failed to get video from webcam, and PS crashes when select Stop Motion
    • Error messages after uninstall / re-install
    • Export, Custom bitrate slider is truncated
    • Edit effect parameter, previewed asset becomes split
    • Trial: click Purchase button, goes to incorrect page
    • Trial: Welcome Book shows "Purchase Now" but clicking won't open the Purchase page, or the wrong page
    • ProDAD Adorage is not available in PS26
    • Cannot split a clip on timeline, if a Smartsound song is underneath
    • Color Grading video scopes aren't updating during TL playback - regression from 25.1
    • Set thumbnail doesn't work on saved Shortcuts
    • Stub entries truncated if SN is invalid
    • Menu editor becomes black when a button is moved
    • Regression: Mask->Panel is fixed as Portrait or Landscape, and cannot be altered
    • Regression: Mask: Can't see underlying clip while creating a Panel
    • When first asset on TL is an image, the project is changed to SD PAL
    • Error messages from No-Check stub, or ESD Stub, and PS26 installation quits
    • Preview is not updated after re-editing 3D title
    • Content errors while installing
    • Audio from Zoom Q2n-4K device becomes static, after scrub
    • Mask: Function keyframes context menu appears incorrectly
    • Title: text options from upper navigator are missing
    • Regression: timeline playhead does not move, after changing timecode value
    • Title text is not updated into preview window
    • Wrong title shown in timeline preview (Beta 0948)
    • Pan and Zoom preview lags
    • Preview lag in Pan and Zoom preview tab
    • CP->Delete Render Files does not cause BGr to run again
    • Uninstalling PS26 removes Premium Packs from PS25 (Beta 0949)
    • Editor: scrollbar does not move, until release mouse (Beta 0952)
    • Red BG render bar, frozen progress – reproducible
    • Pan and Zoom: adjust box, snaps back - regression from 25.1
    • Mask: cannot select multiple keyframes in Function
    • Unpack AXX, project does not appear on TL

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