Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 22.1.0

  • Rename bins was badly working
  • Image distortion of webcam capture
  • Export of a clip/scene directly from library is now possible
  • Edit option for Selective color is now available after right-click pink line
  • Edit / Delete option is now available in context menu
  • Export to Facebook is removed
  • Navigateur/Storyboard/Menu: empty list if timeline is undocked
  • Transitions: black frames, ghost frames, in/out different UI, name of transition is now displayed when mouse hovering, duration counter correctly updated, audio keyframes can be added under transition, missing transitions in projects imported from PS21
  • Several bugs with Color grading: display, RAM leak with Win7
  • Fonts added in Windows are not available in 3D Titler
  • Time freeze: audio is muted if a title is present
  • Splitscreens: Studio is crashing is position values are greater than 50
  • Morphing transitions editor is now working
  • Studio becomes unusable (big lag + several preview issues) on long projects and/or a lot of assets used
  • Special characters in export name => warning is displayed
  • Two 3D titles with transitions: Studio freezes, BGRender.exe must be killed in Tasks manager

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