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Тема: Обновления Pinnacle Studio 25

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    Обновления Pinnacle Studio 25

    Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 25.0.2

    Скачать Update Pinnacle Studio 25.0.2 с Яндекс.Диск (309 Mb)

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    Участник форума
    Здравствуйте! А какие обновления и где можно прочесть, стоит ли скачивать и устанавливать? Спасибо.

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    Corel список обновлений ещё не опубликовал. На счёт скачивания и установки - это на усмотрение пользователей.

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    • Clarify usage for RedEye correction
    • Mavic drone video jerks/jumps in exported file
    • Transitions and effects added from closed "stack" are No Preset, not default setting
    • Rendering very slow in 24.1, ok in earlier 24 or in 23. Need hotfix for 24
    • External preview goes black during editing
    • Timeline + Export render speed comparison, 25 vs 24.1 vs 23.2
    • PS crashes when open older project or load old *.psmask file, then switch to Mask tab
    • PS crashes after some timeline editing
    • Edit some NewBlue transitions, PS crashes
    • PS crashes during editing project with noise reduction
    • Clips from DJI drone have frame drop in export, wrongly detected for Same as Timeline
    • Pan and Zoom Animated is not working, if opened with context menu
    • Color Picker: gradient overwrites solid (not a regression)
    • Color Picker: eliminate Apply step
    • Solid color sample images for PS
    • Color Wheel, Gain UI in wrong position
    • Effects, change border color doesn't work (Beta 0768)
    • Trimming a gap was possible in 23, but no longer in 24.1 or 25
    • When a tooltip is the same text as a button, don't display it
    • Two reports of force-restart during installation
    • Open Pan and Zoom from timeline context menu, opens legacy editor
    • Mask: when no track exists above, cannot drag clip mask up to create a track mask
    • Mask: 200% or more, try to erase will remove mask
    • Mask: feather only works if detect edge is enabled
    • Mask: after detect, Replace and Auto-Advance buttons are missing
    • Mask: after detect, handles box may appear, preventing editing mask outside of box
    • Mask: double-click on clip mask, opens Properties
    • Mask: Below track 3, can't go from Track Mask to Clip Mask
    • Mask: example clips where smart object mask doesn't work, in Low, Medium, or High
    • Mask: detect again should ignore previous result
    • Mask: add Modify button to Face masking
    • Mask: improve the position of the face related buttons
    • Mask: freehand and wand are disabled
    • Mask: recognize the face in the second video, the previous video is analyzed
    • Mask: should remember last mask tool state, when select again
    • Mask: Track all Frames
    • Mask: deleted shape is displayed in preview
    • Mask: when open a PS24 mask project, the Algorithm dropdown box is present
    • Split Screen: three drawn zones will always display right to left, but zones are left to right
    • Properties: allow 400% for size
    • Title background fill - keep aspect setting change doesn't display in icon
    • Title: when special characters present, text box selection doesn't select as expected
    • Can’t edit title text after switching tabs
    • Crash: Select title text, then "Cut"
    • Title: context menu "Cut" on single word deletes whole line, but Ctrl+X, Del or Backspace works fine
    • High resolution photo, PnZ scrub fails, tab may vanish
    • Save shortcut: 3 clicks should select all text
    • Delete photo from Library, PS is unresponsive for 25 seconds
    • After play-pause, BGr does not resume
    • Noise Reduction: explaining text can be cut off, in some monitor settings.
    • Background rendering is stalled, on AMD Ryzen PC
    • 8K clips from Samsung S21 have red thumbnails and black preview, on Ryzen PC
    • Scene Detection controls for Dazzle Import, are missing in PS25
    • After Scaling -> Fill, can't trim photo anymore
    • Reported: Scorefitter/Smartsound song name not shown in tooltip
    • Disc Menu text can't be edited in the Preview window
    • Clip trimming limited, displayed duration wrong
    • 5.1: Reset doesn't work, sets random values
    • MCC: installation files remain
    • Red thumbnails in Library, were okay in 25.0.1
    • Transition: rate one preset and will apply to all, since PS24
    • Library gets stuck, won't refresh at switching bins
    • Much slower export of titles in PS25
    • French translation correction, 5.1 Front / Rear
    • PnZ view trimmed more of asset than expected
    • Overlays: rename solid colors category
    • "Roxio Setup Log" in C: root, after 243
    • HEVC export fails on system with newer Intel graphic drivers (Beta 0808)
    • After undo few steps, pink line is removed from clip, but effect editor shows effect still applied
    • Support new animated titles
    • Timeline scrubber jumps to an unselected clip when doing Time Remapping keyframing
    • "Show Grid" tooltip as single line
    • PS audio is muted after after change NR parameters
    • Stabilize has stopped working
    • MyDVD multi-language integration
    • Request: percentage setting for LUT

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    Вышло обновление Pinnacle Studio 25.1.0

    Скачать Update Pinnacle Studio 25.1.0 с Яндекс.Диск (314 Mb)

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    Основные новшества в 25.1.0

    • Сделано полноценная нормализация звука (раньше звук просто понижался до -12dB)
    • Обозначения регулировок свойств теперь делается отдельной синей полосой (недостаток: полосы обозначения теперь узкие)
    • Настройки аудиоэффектов можно сохранять
    • Улучшена интеграция SmartSound
    • На некоторых выпадающих списках показываются последние использованные
    • Исправлены ошибки в редакторе тиров и в масках

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    Участник форума
    Grazie per il tuo impegno. e il tuo supporto

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    Полный список улучшений и исправлений в 25.1.0

    • PS crashes reported, after user updates to SonicFire Pro 6.0
    • Crash in Image Correction CPU, white balance eyedropper
    • Crash after expand transition, then add a new library tab
    • Crash when add clip to timeline, in 3-4 Point Edit Mode
    • Crash while editing Mask in a nested project
    • Crash when edit library title, then start new project
    • Source Corrections, Channel Mixer volume adjustment is not saved PS hangs or crashes while Exporting - HEVC, 20 tracks, 2 minutes
    • Color Grading: CG previews incorrect frame and crashes while brush selection, when using Vector->Color Scope
    • Mask: convert to clip mask, PS crashes and won't launch
    • Mask: link to Mask help, for new usersMTS file with AC-3 2-channel plays mute in PS
    • Mask: keyframe state of "Opacity" and "Edge Softness" is retained when a new asset is applied
    • Mask: after Replace, undo will not return to Modify state
    • Mask: keyframed Feather effect isn't shown in preview
    • Mask: Import 4x3 photo as object into clip mask on 16x9 video, move handles have extra space
    • Circular arrow reset buttons are missing from Mask and Title
    • Feature Request: PS Masking objects for titles etc
    • Titler: Load Title will delete selected TL clips
    • Title: select an asset to fill the background, can't keyframe opacity
    • Title: Change text justification, switch to motion, position of point and frame are incorrect
    • Title: "Stereoscopic" is not translated
    • Title disappears from preview
    • Scorefitter songs of different versions playback the same tune
    • Time Freeze causes clicks in audio, and waveform doesn't match what's heard
    • Trim nested project from beginning makes mask lost effect
    • Connected iPhone or Android phone, Importer can't see videos, only photos.
    • Preview and playhead freeze, audio continues, with 10-bit 4K
    • Motion keyframes in titles do not work correctly
    • Split Screen: Can't delete clip from within Subeditor
    • Preview displays earlier project
    • Changing border size reduces pic size
    • Properties-Corrections-Effects details and options in TL context menu, should be the same
    • Using Add-on Effects not possible
    • Blend: dropdown list with recents
    • Source Corrections: changes can't be cleared at thumbnail (gear icon), must open in source corrections
    • PS hangs when edit Smartsound
    • Pink line may appear momentarily on clip (or nest) when dropped to TL, or when moved to another track - intermittent
    • PnZ will not remember Animated, if opened via context menu
    • Project with Smartsound, nested on TL, opens Smartsound with every new clip added, PS hangs when open nest
    • Montage themes broken, assets do not display correctly
    • PS UI won't fit in secondary monitor, if primary display scaling is set more than 100%
    • "Shut down PC" in Export Queue doesn't work, hidden by user prompt
    • Corrected Shortcuts produce dead meat
    • "K stack overflow" message observed with PS25 and 24, reset doesn't help
    • NBFX: noise in black area
    • NBFX not recognized, when PS is not installed to C:
    • 5.1 keyframes are hard to see
    • Bad Thumbnails, with specific project
    • Lines in Chroma Key, when 4x3 overlays 16x9
    • Deleted photo remains displayed in preview
    • Regression: PNG files preview corrupted in PS25, okay in 23
    • Scenes copied to Timeline, errors
    • Close Corrections, should return to Library
    • Regression: tif and tga formats are missing from snapshot options
    • Motion Tracking: change tooltip to "Track all Frames"
    • Optimize Audio changed to -12db, but still broken
    • NewBlue: some presets are duplicated
    • Regression: TIF image transparency doesn't work in PS25
    • Shortcut thumbnails created by Corrections do not display the correction
    • MCE: Properties can't be changed after switching camera view in sub editor.
    • Smartsound opens behind PS25 UI
    • Smartsound SonicFire: crash, or no audio after trim
    • Saved Title looks can appear in new version of PS, but then will be overwritten and disappear
    • Crop, then add a border, the border will cover the edge of the clip
    • Split Screen: remove Z position
    • Spacing problems in Group / Sort
    • PS does not remember the export directory settings after restart
    • Wrong color stripe is shown, in certain combination
    • In-Transition will be removed at trim-out
    • MultiCam Editor pause changes camera angle
    • Patch replaces Multicam Capture full with Multicam Capture light
    • Track navigator shows clips in wrong length
    • Delete A/V Track, isn't deleted but moves below other tracks
    • No response when play timeline
    • Marker panel is cut off in Author mode
    • Color: dropper selector lost when returning to preview window
    • Project fails to export
    • Right-click f/x bar above clip, "Edit" option is missing
    • Request: Stop / Cancel from queue, during export progress
    • Request: Save audio settings as Custom Preset
    • Request: give Properties their own colored line
    • Request: pivot point to affect size changes

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